Lumbar Arthrosis

What is Lumbar Arthrosis?

Lumbar arthrosis is one of the many forms of arthritis that manifests itself through lower back pain. The lumbar portion of the spine supports the weight of your entire back that is why pain is commonly felt in this region. Though this usually affects the elderly population worldwide, arthritis of the lower back also targets people who are obese, the laborers of the working population and those who have history with back problems. Though this form of arthritis is very common, the management and treatment of this condition can be difficult.

To understand much better of lumbar arthrosis it is important that we know the complex structure of our back. Our back is supported by the spinal column. The vertebrae or the spinal segments made up our spinal column. These spinal segments are joined together by two small joints known as facet joints. Each spinal segment are also separated by what we call a spinal disc. These complex structure allows us physical movement like bending, extending, flexing and twisting.

When arthritis strikes on our facet joints it produces pain. The pain intensifies when you bend, flex, or extend your back. Facent joint arthritis can be recognized as cervical or lumbar. Cervical facet arthritis affects the neck with the pain radiating to the head, shoulders and arms. The other type is the lumbar arthrosis which targets your lower back. The pain intensifies by movements like arching and extending. This type is caused by disc generation and spinal stenosis.

Wear and tear will take its toll to everything, including the parts of our body. Lumbar arthrosis is caused when the spinal discs that separate our spinal segments degenerate. Though everyone�s spinal discs generate, having facet arthritis speeds up the degeneration process. Facet arthritis can also be accompanied by spinal stenosis. When the spinal canal begins to narrow it cramps up the space of our spinal cord. This condition is known as spinal stenosis. The restrictive space compresses our spinal cord which causes certain symptoms to manifest such as numbness, pain or tingling sensation of your lower extremities. Difficulty in walking may also occur in severe cases where the spinal cord is totally compresses, paralysis may occur.

Reducing the pain brought by lumbar arthrosis is the first step in the management of this condition. Light weight back supports are recommended to reduce the pressure and alleviate the pain. This promotes proper healing of the injured part of the spine and lessens the strain of the affected area. Back supports are effective in decreasing stiffness and reducing the pain of the lower back. You can talk to your doctor about back supports and ask about its advantages and disadvantages. You can also check for different options for the management of your lower back arthritis.

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