Gout Natural Remedies

{$Gout Natural Remedies}Many people are actually unfamiliar with the term “gout” and think it is some sort of exotic or terribly unique disease. The fact is that gout it actually a type of arthritis and is probably far more common than you think. When a person suffers from gout they have got an issue with the concentration of uric acid crystals in the body. The uric acid crystals tend to do a kind of assault on the joints in the body, causing the painful redness and swelling of the knee and other joints. While gout mainly occurs in the lower areas of the body, it may happen in many different places. Gout can go in a cyclical fashion: Days with few symptoms followed by several days of nearly unbearable pain and suffering. While doctors do prescribe different drugs for the treatment of gout, it is now being found that gout natural remedies are just as effective, if not more so.

One of the most easy ways to deal with gout at home and get some quick relief is some dietary changes. For example, you can drink cherry juice (at least a cup a day) or eat cherries (ten or fifteen each day) and they help to alleviate gout symptoms. You can also eat an apple each day (the old saying about “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” is really true when it comes to gout!) to help improve gout attacks rapidly. Safflower oil has been determined to be beneficial in gout relief. Generally the easiest way to take safflower oil is in the form of a supplemental capsule. Eat several bananas every day for a delicious snack as well as a way to help force those excess uric acid crystals out of your body. The minerals in bananas are great at prodding the uric acid crystals to dissolve and leave the body.

Consider the epsom salt bath as one of the most effective good gout natural remedies. This bath is especially good if you have the gout in the big toe (one of the most common areas that gout will strike). Simply add epsom salts to warm running bath water and soak away your pain. An epsom salt bath is good for reducing inflammation and relaxing the body, so it may have a great immediate effect.

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