Victorian Arthritis Sufferers, Internet to the Rescue

by Support on April 3, 2011

Sufferers of arthritis in Victoria Australia can now find a map of services related to relief of musco-skeletal ailments online. Here is an excerpt from a press release:

Website to Help Vic Arthritis Sufferers

Victorian arthritis sufferers say an online map publishing details from tai chi classes to disabled-access toilets is helping them take control of their health. The Arthritis Map of Victoria is being hailed as a world-first tool to help sufferers of arthritis and musculo-skeletal conditions find services to support their care.

Rheumatoid arthritis sufferer Naomi Creek said she uses the map to plan trips when she visits Melbourne, finding outdoor seats to rest on, train and tram stops and  disabled-access toilets.

Another sufferer Janine Fisher says the map has helped her work out what services she needs. ‘As a person who lives in a regional area, working my way through specialists, doctors and allied health services has been confusing,’ Ms Fisher said. ‘My general practitioner is fantastic but doesn’t have the time or the tools to look at all services relevant to my care.’

Arthritis Victoria, developers of the map, says musculo-skeletal conditions are painful and disabling and cost the health system more than $4 billion a year. ‘We all know that there is no cure for most musculo-skeletal conditions,’ Arthritis Victoria chief executive Linda Martin said. ‘But, we believe that the Arthritis Map is a cure for the frustrations and lack of coordination in services that has made getting the right treatment a major hurdle for consumers.’

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