Three Amazing Arthritis Pain Remedies Part 1 – Hydrotherapy

by admin on May 20, 2011

Today we start our three day series in which each day will focus on and summarize one of the three simple yet highly effective arthritis natural remedies for pain as published in a recent article by the folks at We highly recommend that you follow this series and refer back to the original article if you want to get even more insight.

How you can find Natural Relief For Arthritis Pain with Hydrotherapy

Hydrotherapy is a process that requires the usage of water, ice, or steam for restorative healing. When it comes to relief for pain these arthritis natural remedies can improve to alleviate pain, quell inflammation, and enhance circulation. One method is employing a cold pack or alternate between cold and hot packs. Apply ice or a cold pack to enlarged joints for ten to fifteen minutes each time. For a more potent treatment method try a hot pack or maybe a clean cotton cloth soaked in very warm water in between cold applications.

Warm baths are another kind of hydrotherapy that may be utilized to alleviate arthritis pain and swelling. Use hot water and bathe for 20 minutes. The temperate drinking water should provide relief to aching joints and raise the circulation of blood to hurry recovery and also the release of toxins from the body. Try an Epsom salt bath or adding natural essential oils for a much more beneficial effect.

To lessen stiffness in the morning try getting in the shower upon waking. Switch between hot and cold water for about 10 minutes.
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Tomorrow we cover dietary changes to help arthritis pain. See you then…

Three Amazing Arthritis Pain Remedies Part 2 - Diet

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