Sprinkle on These Spicy Ways to Stay Healthy

by Support on February 14, 2011

Sometimes the best remedies for ailments of our bodies are found in our kitchen cubbord. Look at this quick article about using spices as natural medecines. Very Interesting…

Ginger and garlic are known to have medicinal properties, but how about lemongrass, nutmeg and thyme? Most Americans “don’t take full advantage of the wonderful world of spices,” writes Bharat B. Aggarwal, author of Healing Spices. He touts 50 spices that may help prevent or heal certain conditions or diseases:

This small dried leaf, when it’s cooked, releases its array of antioxidants. It’s a natural medicine for cancer, arthritis, ulcers, wounds and mosquito bites. “Look for leaves that are whole, uniform in size and color, and free of stems and bark,” Aggarwal says. “The darker the color and the larger the leaves, the better.”

In a study from India, cumin was found to be just as effective as an anti-diabetes drug in controlling diabetes in lab rats. It also has been shown to protect bones and help prevent food poisoning. Aggarwal recommends buying cumin as whole seeds rather than ground.

This spice was used as a medicine before it was used as a food. It can clear congestion, reduce inflammation, fight viruses and bacteria, and relax muscles. Aggarwal recommends buying it prepared and preserved in vinegar: “It won’t give you the same zing of fresh horseradish, but it’s close.”

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