Osteoarthritis Natural Remedies

Osteoarthritis Natural Remedies, Treatments and Cures

Osteoarthritis or also known as degenerative joint disease is a disease which targets the joints. Its symptoms include pain, swelling and stiffness of the joints. It usually affects the hand, feet and weight bearing joints of knees and hips. Though its cause is still unknown it is said that the breakdown of the immune system is connected to osteoarthritis. If early management are not done the disease would degenerate resulting to a limited range of motion to the affected joints. It may also spread to neighboring joints thus the condition worsens and can cause permanent damage as time passes by. Since a lot of people had been affected by this disease research studies has been done for the treatment and cure of osteoarthritis. Both osteoarthritis natural remedies and commercial medications are developed worldwide.

Pharmaceutical companies have produced hundreds of drugs such as Celebrex, Vioxx, Bextra and Aleve for the alleviation of pain and inflammation which are associated with this disease.  Though these drugs are widely available they also impose a greater risk to patients when used for long term treatments. Prescribed commercial arthritis medications are sometimes not effective and only offer temporary relief. That is why it is recommended that osteoarthritis natural remedies which are safe and natural be applied to prevent and reduce the severity of this disease.

Healthy diet as one of osteoarthritis natural remedies is highly recommended. The American Medical Association advised everyone to watch what they eat and incorporate fish oil and other whole food supplements to their diet especially those who are dealing with degenerative diseases like osteoarthritis. Cutting back on red meat is also important since frequent red meat eaters are twice likely to develop arthritis compared to those who seldom eat red meats. Adding whole grains, fresh fruits, vegetables and fish like salmon to your diet is also advised. A healthy diet along with exercise can alter your body weight to the ideal and decreases impact and stress to joints due to the shedding of extra pounds.

Osteoarthritis natural remedies also include low impact exercise. Walking, swimming, and water exercises are very beneficial. They help in toning the muscles, strengthening the bones, and increasing the mobility of joints. It also boosts the immune system by combating stress and depression. Exercise also produces endorphins which help in blocking away the pain receptors in our brain. It is our body’s natural pain reliever, thus it could decrease osteoarthritis pain.

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