Lupus Natural Remedies

Lupus Natural Remedies – Fight Back!

In other country like the United States and United Kingdom, lupus affects numerous number of their population. Women are more prawn to this disease compared to men. If you have a very weak immune resistance you might be affected with this condition. Our body produces antibodies and immunity cells to fight off the bacteria’s and infections brought about by various diseases. This condition brought so many worries to all individuals. Medical experts are seeking ways to treat this disease. Nowadays we can find several lupus natural remedies that will help in curing this disease.

You should be aware if you feel that you have this disease. There are available lupus natural remedies that will help in treating this disease. Lupus disease is categorized into three types. One of this is the SLE or Systemic Lupus Erythematosus. This lupus type usually occurs in a younger age preferably teenagers. It affects the skin, joints, tendons, brain, heart lungs and kidneys. Another type is the cutaneous lupus. This lupus is a skin type disease. It causes rashes on the face, scalp, ear and neck. The last type is the Drug-Induced Lupus usually occurs when there is a reaction of certain kind of medicines in the body.

Some of the lupus natural remedies are very easy to access. Organic Green tea is one form of natural remedy. Just drink 2-3 cups of tea daily. Drinking green tea helps in cleaning and detoxifying the toxins in our body. Evening primrose oil will help in reducing the inflammation brought about by lupus disease. It contains GLA a form of fatty acids to fight off the disease. Fish oils will help the disease to stop in producing biochemical’s that causes the inflammation. Another remedy is the supplemental form of milk thistle. This will prevent the damaged of the liver caused by the prescribed medicines.

The disease gives so many hassles to the patient as it will give severe pains on their hand joints. If the patient suffers this pain, one good lupus natural remedeis are the vinegar and water solution. Mixed 3 teaspoons of vinegar on a large bowl of water then soak your hands for about 10 to 15 minutes. Repeat the procedure for the best result. Turmeric is another natural remedy. It is an Indian spice containing curcumin antioxidants. Taking 400 to 600 mg of turmeric will help ease the pain.  These remedies should be accompanied by proper diet and changing of lifestyle. It is also important to seek for medical advice before having any treatment.

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