Osteoporosis Natural Medicine

How Osteoporosis Natural Medicine Can Help You

Osteoporosis is commonly seen in older women. As women grow older, bones also decreases its capacity to work properly. But what is osteoporosis? How can this be prevented? What are their causes and symptoms? Osteoporosis is a type of bone disorder, wherein the bone is weakened and prawn to breakage which results to bone fracture. The decreased in bone density is the effect of insufficient component of minerals such as calcium and protein. A strong and healthy bone normally composed of the following minerals like the protein, collagen and calcium. Insufficient amount of bone minerals will lead to this disease. Due to this situation we have now different osteoporosis natural medicine.

Before we will try to discover the osteoporosis natural medicine, let us know the factor that causes this disease. Among of the factors includes family history, Asian race and person with small body structure. Other factors are excessive alcohol intake, poor nutrition, poor calcium intake, low levels of estrogen for women, early menopausal, insufficient amount of testosterone for men, lack of the exercise and amenorrhea. But above all this factors hyperparathyroidism is the main cause of this disease. This condition affects younger ages.

The signs and symptoms of osteoporosis is adrenal fatigue. In this condition you will feel excessive tiredness, sudden loose of stamina and decrease in sexual desires. Osteoporosis can be prevented through changing lifestyle. You should be aware of what you eat. Avoid excessive alcohol intake and smoking. Eat foods that are high in protein and calcium. Observe proper diet and do some exercise daily. You can eat lot of different fruit to clean the toxic waste in your body. Fruits are considered to be the best osteoporosis natural medicine. Fruits are rich in vitamins and lots of minerals. Eating fruits will help boost the immune system. You will also have higher resistant to fight illnesses.

Apple is believed to be one of the osteoporosis natural medicine that are high in fiber, vitamin B, C, D and some other minerals like calcium and magnesium. It also helps in preventing allergic reactions because this fruit contain photochemical and anti inflammatory agents. This natural way of preventing osteoporosis is very important. Do not neglect if you notice some symptoms of this disease because if left untreated it will lead to complications. Preventing this disease is one great move to do. Do not wait for the disease to develop for it will surely give lots of complications. You can also visit your doctor for proper advices.

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