Osteoporosis Home Remedies

Osteoporosis Home Remedies and Treatment Options

Osteoporosis in the SpineOsteoporosis is one of the diseases that affects people of a more advanced age. Often considered a disease of women, men also get osteoporosis, though at a lesser rate than women.

The disease results in a loss of bone mineral density, making bones weaker and more likely to fracture. This in turn results in the affected individual becoming less active and energetic, having a lesser quality of life compared to those without the disease.

Conventional treatment of osteoporosis includes medication, as sometimes the osteoporosis involves an imbalance of the hormones. Medication is used in those instances in order to restore hormonal balance in both sexes, though ordinarily, osteoporosis home remedies are also used in order to further the gains of conventional treatments.

What are osteoporosis home remedies? Rather literally, they are remedies for osteoporosis using substances and items you have available in your own home, or at least are readily available. They can include both conventional and alternative approaches to treating osteoporosis, but the end goal is to stop the bone mineral loss, and restore strength to the bones.

The most common osteoporosis home remedy is also one of the more effective. This is to make changes in lifestyle in order to prevent additional weakening of the bones, and encourage the regrowth of bones as well. This includes limiting consumption of alcohol, tobacco and caffeine. Smoking is also considered a risk factor, and should be reduced or completely stopped.

Diet changes must also follow lifestyle changes, concentrating on foods rich in calcium, vitamin C, D, zinc and magnesium, building blocks of bones. Aside from this, maintaining the proper weight is also helpful, and correct diet can be a great aid to this.

Another lifestyle-related change is to have a moderate exercise routine. While strenuous exercise can increase the risks of bone fracture, light to moderate exercise can help build up the muscles of the bones, which helps protect brittle bones. Exercise also helps stimulate the regrowth of bone, and also helps maintain body weight.

Some other osteoporosis home remedies involve using simple herbal remedies to help treat osteoporosis. A spoonful of honey, or a handful of sesame seeds are said to help treat osteoporosis, so is dandelion tea and chaste berry.

Through the proper combination of lifestyle changes, diet changes, exercise and home herbal remedies, osteoporosis can be treated, reducing the risk of bone fracture and increasing the patent’s quality of life.

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