Osteoporosis Herbal Remedies

Effective Osteoporosis Herbal Remedies

Osteoporosis affects many women past menopause, and is a weakness of the bones that results in increased risk of bone fracture. While it also affects elderly males, far more women than men are affected by this disease.

Advanced age is one of the contributing factors to osteoporosis, and among women, so is estrogen deficiency. Osteoporosis among men also linked to a lesser degree to a decrease in testosterone levels. Poor diet can also influence osteoporosis, and chronic heavy drinking as well. Being underweight and overweight also allow a greater risk of osteoporosis.

Whatever the cause of osteoporosis, the one clear thing is that if the condition is untreated, the patient’s bones will continue to grow weaker, increasing the risks of bone fracture as each day passes. Someone with osteoporosis can look forward to a life with steadily decreasing mobility, if no treatment is given.

One of the methods for treating osteoporosis is through the use of osteoporosis herbal remedies. These osteoporosis herbal remedies help the body in three ways, depending on the specific herbs.

First, osteoporosis herbal remedies can help the body be healthier, giving it the necessary vitamins and minerals to build up bones to restore bone mineral density. With the right vitamins and minerals in the body, it is able to recover lost bone strength, to reduce the risks of bone fracture. Important vitamins and minerals are vitamin D, vitamin E, calcium, zinc and magnesium. These may be found in a variety of vegetables, which can be added to the diet, or may be taken as supplements.

Second, osteoporosis herbal remedies may restore the balance of estrogen or testosterone in the body, the imbalance of which can lead to osteoporosis. With the balance of these hormones restored, the body is better able to rebuild bones to restore bone strength. Herbal remedies of this kind include black cohosh, flaxseed, and red clover. These are often taken as teas, though are also available in capsule form.

There are also some osteoporosis herbal remedies that provide both means of treating osteoporosis, like soya, which provides calcium and is thought to help regulate a person’s hormones as well. Usually, herbal remedies are combined with each other for more effective treatment of osteoporosis, and most practitioners also insist on improving the lifestyle of the individual so that the gains from using osteoporosis herbal remedies are not lost because of poor lifestyle.

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