Osteobiflex Ingredients

Osteobiflex Ingredients – What is in Osteobiflex

One of the leading products for the relief of arthritis pain is Osteobiflex. It is a nutritional supplement that is effective because of it’s combination of Glucosamine HCl, and Joint Shield, a proprietary blend that makes use of several ingredients. Osteobiflex ingredients are the key to the success of this supplement in treating the discomfort caused by arthritis.

Here is a quick look at Osteobiflex ingredients, and what they do to help your arthritis:

Glucosamine HCl: glucosamine is a naturally occurring amino saccharide that your body uses to help keep cartilage tissue well lubricated, preventing it from breaking down. It is also used in the regeneration of cartilage, and has been found to help ease joint discomfort and increase flexibility in joints affected by arthritis.

Chondroitin Sulfate: this is another substance that helps promote the regeneration of cartilage tissue, and is also helpful in keeping that cartilage well lubricated. It has also been found, when used with glucosamine, to be helpful in treating arthritis.

Osteobiflex Joint Shield: is a blend of various substances which helps to treat arthritis. One of these is a boswellia serrata extract called 5-Loxin. Boswellia serrata is well-known to provide relief from arthritis discomfort, and 5-Loxin is an extract that has ten times the potency of other boswellia serrata extracts. This helps prevent inflammation and relieve arthritis pain.

These Osteobiflex ingredients work together by helping the body regenerate damaged cartilage through its use of glucosamine and chondroitin, while preventing inflammation and relieving pain. Osteobiflex Joint Shield then prevents additional damage to the joints and connective tissues, in order to reduce and even eliminate arthritis flare-ups.

In addition to these tharee main Osteobiflex ingredients, this nutritional supplement also includes the following ingredients:

Vitamin C, essential for good health, and used in the formation of collagen, collagen being the main component of connective tissues.

Boron, important in bone regeneration and healing of damaged bones.

Manganese, an element used by the body in bone regeneration and cartilage formation.

All these ingredients added together helps make Osteobiflex a popular and effective means to treat arthritis.

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