Rheumatoid Arthritis Natural Remedies

Effective Rheumatoid Arthritis Natural Remedies

Rheumatoid arthritis is one of the most devastating forms of arthritis. It can affect not only the joints, but also other organs, as it is an autoimmune disease that as-of-yet has no known cure. Worse, it can strike not only the old, but also the young, causing pain, inflammation, and loss of joint functionality, and other complications should it affect other organs.

The best way to deal with rheumatoid arthritis is to first diagnose it early. This can help prevent the degeneration of the joints by early treatments, and the afflicted individual can avoid a lot of pain and possible disfigurement from the disease.

Conventional treatment involves use of analgesics for the pain, as well as anti-inflammatory medications for the tenderness and swelling around the joints. Disease-modifying antirheumatic drugs (DMARDs) are also prescribed to halt or prevent additional damage as well.

While not as popular as conventional treatments, rheumatoid arthritis natural remedies may also be used for both the joint pains, and prevention of the disease’s progression. Finding effective rheumatoid arthritis natural remedies can sometimes be difficult – not that they are not available online, but to be able to find remedies that are effective over a long period.

Here are some of the most effective rheumatoid arthritis natural remedies.

The most important natural remedy is a change in lifestyle. This can help strengthen the immune system, and help control the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis. A low-protein and high-carbohydrate diet is recommended, though animal foods are to be avoided as much as possible. Milk and related products are to be minimized, along with polyunsaturated or partially hydrogenated oils. Intake of coffee and tobacco products are also to be avoided.

Lifestyle changes should also include regular moderate exercise. This also helps keep the body healthy, while strengthening the muscles around the joints that may be affected by rheumatoid arthritis. Strengthening the muscles can reduce the strain around the joints, reducing arthritic pain. Swimming and light calisthenics can be effective, though you may want to consult with your physician for a good regimen depending on the severity of your rheumatoid arthritis.

Pain can also be reduced through the use of acupuncture, as several studies have confirmed. While the resulting pain relief may be short-term, it is effective and has no side-effects. There are also claims that of long-term pain relief, and the possibility of slowing down the disease, but these claims have not been confirmed.

There are also some natural supplements that can be used as rheumatoid arthritis natural remedies, which are considered effective and safe. Omega-3 fatty acids have been linked to easing rheumatoid arthritis symptoms, and may be found in deep sea fish. Gamma-linolenic acid is another essential fatty acid found in borage, black currant seed or evening primrose oils that has been seen to ease symptoms, though more studies are in the works to confirm this.

Herbal remedies may also be used to relieve the pain and inflammation, and there are some indications that using some herbal remedies may provide the patient with a stronger immune system as well. Herbs like boswellia and devil’s claw have been found to be effective for the pain, with more studies under way to find their degree of effectiveness, as well as to find additional herbal and natural remedies.

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