Most Children Outgrow Juvenile Arthritis

by Support on February 14, 2011

Dr. Hyun K. Lee  on  Natural Treatments for Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis:

Some ailments are better known as “old people’s diseases,” but in fact can strike at any age. Juvenile rheumatoid arthritis (JRA) is one such affliction.

 Juvenile arthritis usually presents itself around the age of six months. Symptoms include swelling in joints, fever, rashes, stiffness, soreness, and limping. Knee, wrist, ankle, finger and toe problems are most common. Oddly, JRA seems to affect girls more than boys. On average, girls begin to show symptoms three years before boys do.

JRA is usually temporary, and only in rare cases does it last a lifetime. Most commonly, it disappears as the child matures. This is due to the strengthening of the child’s immune system and energy over time.

 Though we don’t know exactly what causes JRA, Oriental medicine refers to it as an immune response due to organ energy imbalance, usually pertaining to the liver and spleen functions (tendons are controlled by liver energy and muscles by spleen energy).

The body is giving a wrong immune response to fluid and joint tissue. When it should be protecting these vital materials, it begins to fight them as if they were foreign particles. It’s very much as if there has been some wrong programming in the child’s immune response.

 Oriental philosophy traces these negative responses to the child’s conception and gestation. It is believed that pregnancy should be a planned process with both parents being in ideal health condition prior to conception. The proper weather on the day of conception also plays a part, as well as the energy of the parents, which also includes genetic influences.

Stress, anger, medications, vaccinations, emotional problems, drinking and drugs all affect the child throughout conception and gestation. These factors cause the parent’s energy to be imbalanced and it is passed along to the baby, which presents itself as a weakness of some sort after the baby is born.

This is one of two philosophies behind all infantile or early-childhood diseases. The other stems from environmental problems, such as radiation from electricity, poisons or pollution in the environment and household, toxins in food, and poor nutrition.

 The best treatment for these children is daily massage of the affected areas, better nutrition, reduced stress, light acupuncture and moxibustion treatments, herbs, and added love and affection.

The parents and baby should also play games that involve the use and stretching of the hands and fingers. This movement helps improve circulation to the area and also helps develop the brain and prevent further joint problems. Other joint exercises and heating the affected areas also bring relief. Parents should also ensure that the child’s spinal column is in good alignment. Massage of the spine helps, too.

Positive thinking also plays a big role in the speedy outgrowing of JRA. It increases the body’s natural healing abilities, which children have more than adults. In fact, positive thinking helps us all, in all matters of life, at all ages.

Dr. Hyun K. Lee has a practice in Solvang, Redondo Beach and Beverly Hills. He can be reached at 693-5162, or at

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Madhujit Ghose June 10, 2011


Your article has given me lot of confidence and support. My son has probably been diagnosed with JRA (Going for a 2nd opinion today). Will speak to you and seek your advice going forward

Thank you

Madhujit Ghose
IT Consultant

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