Will Glucosamine Work for You?

If you’ve been looking for joint relief because of arthritis, you’ve probably encountered glucosamine. Though even if you haven’t been looking, you’ve probably already encountered it, and not known about it. This is because glucosamine, known to be one of the most used dietary supplements for joint relief from arthritis pain, is also one of amino sugars that can be found in the body. It is naturally found in the bones of the body, and is used by the body to help create the cells that make up the connective tissues between bones.

Arthritis patients require joint relief because these connective tissues between the bones deteriorate over time, beyond the ability of the body to repair the damage they accumulate day by day. One reason that the body is unable to keep up is that production of glucosamine, among other things, slows down or lessens, which means the body produces less cartilage to replace the damaged cells.

By taking glucosamine as a dietary supplement, it has been found that those with arthritis find joint relief. The supplementary glucosamine encourages the regeneration of the soft cartilage between the joints, which results in less inflammation and pain because of friction between bones. This makes glucosamine ideal for providing joint relief in the joints that provide locomotion, as these are the joints that often suffer from daily stress and strain. Glucosamine has still been found able to provide joint relief on the other affected joints, however.

Glucosamine is often produced from the exoskeletons of shellfish and other crustaceans, as it is present in the structure of those exoskeletons. It is also less commonly produced from grains such as corn or wheat. Because of this, one of the contraindications for the use of glucosamine is for those who have allergies to shellfish or other crustaceans, though glucosamine confirmed to be created from grains may be used instead.

The improper use and consumption of glucosamine can also lead to adverse side effects. These include mild stomach upsets, constipation and diarrhea, and in some cases also rashes and headaches. One study even shows that consuming more than the recommended amount of glucosamine can result in the death of pancreatic cells, increasing the risks of developing diabetes.

With the proper use of glucosamine, this dietary supplement can provide effective joint relief for those who suffer daily from arthritis. Used in combination with other treatments, glucosamine can help provide not only relief from the pain, but also restore mobility and function to arthritic joints.

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