Gout Symptoms

Do You Have Gout Symptoms?

One of the first gout symptoms that most people with gout will experience is a sudden attack of acute inflammatory arthritis. At the very least, one joint will become red, hot, tender and swollen, most often at the base of the big toe, though other joints may also be affected. Joint pains will usually begin during the night, signaling the onset of an attack of gouty arthritis.

Aside from the inflammatory arthritis, other gout symptoms such as fatigue and fever may also develop. To say that these gout symptoms cause great discomfort may even be an understatement, as the affected area can become so painful and sensitive that even a light touch can cause great pain.

Other gout symptoms include the detection of high levels of uric acid in the blood through testing. This is the actual cause of the attacks of gouty arthritis, as the uric acid crystallizes and collects around the joints, affecting the soft tissues around and between the bones.

In some cases, these uric acid crystals can form outside the joints, such as in the earlobes, elbows and back of the ankle. These collections of uric acid crystals are called tophi, and can often lead to the successful diagnosis of gout.

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