Gout Diet

Gout Diet – Nutrition for Gout Sufferers

A lot of people are at risk of gout. A large number of the older population have already developed the said condition. Gout is caused by high levels of uric acid in the body that forms crystals in the joints and the surrounding tissues that causes pain and inflammation. When the matter known as purine is broken down, uric acid is formed. Purine is a substance that naturally occurs in every cell of the body as well as in the food we eat. That is why it has been proven that food rich in purine and protein increases the risk of developing gout. The lifestyle changes of most people these days have caused them to develop gout. Although there is no cure for the said condition, there is a recommended gout diet one can do to improve their health and therefore alleviate the painful symptoms caused by the disease.

Having a proper gout diet enables you to avoid gout or if you already have it, it will help you treat the said condition. Having a healthy diet will help you neutralize the uric acid that is in your body. There actually two major things you can do to improve your diet so you will be able to avoid the condition and/or be able to treat it. These diet changes have been proven to help combat the disease. First, you have to avoid drinking anything with alcohol and fructose. Next, it is very important to drink lots of water every day.

Alcohol is most commonly found in beers and other hard drinks. If you are a party person or you like to go out in bars, then it is best to avoid alcoholic drinks no matter how high the temptation may be. Alcohol is known to have diuretic effects. This contributes to dehydration and precipitate gout attacks. This also affects the metabolism of uric acid in the body. As previously mentioned, increased levels of uric acid in the body are the ones that cause gout. If you are on a gout diet therefore, it is important to stay away from alcohol.

Certain soft drinks and some juice drinks have fructose and sugar present. This can also add to the risk of developing gout in the body. If you are having a gout diet then you also have to avoid soft drinks and some types of artificial juices. This scenario I definitely sad for those people who love their sweets but you can always choose between pain and pleasure.

When going through a gout diet also, it is very important to drink lots and lots of water daily. You need five to eight glasses of water every day so that the risk of gout attacks can be decreased. Studies show that if you include lots of water, gout attack may be decreased to approximately 40%. Water detoxifies the body, therefore getting rid of uric acid.

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