Gout Causes

Considering Gout Causes

Historically, gout was known only to affect the more affluent members of society. However, gout has since become more common as a result of both greater accessibility to foods as well as general lifestyle changes among the population that that increase the risk of gout.

With the increase in those affected by gout, it may be important to know what the leading gout causes are. In this way, you can reduce the risk of developing the disease, by avoiding or limiting these known gout causes.

Not all gout causes are preventable, however, though knowledge of them can help prepare you. One of the leading gout causes is genetics, with up to one out of five people with gout having a family history of gout. Gout is also more common in men than women, though women can still develop gout.

Preventable risk factors and gout causes include being overweight, drinking too much alcohol and eating foods rich in purines. Exercise can reduce the risks brought about by being overweight, while reduction or elimination of alcohol and purine-rich foods from the diet can help prevent the disease.

In many cases, it is a combination of causes that results in the development of gout. Through knowing the known gout causes, you can reduce the risks and possibly prevent your having to live with the disease.

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