Gout Remedies

Natural Gout Remedies

Gout is a skeletal disorder characterized by intermittent periods of inflammatory arthritis. It is mainly caused by excessive amount of uric acid in the body which is formed to urates crystals that accumulate in joints, tendons and even tissues. A person who has gout experiences red, tender, swollen joint commonly at the base of the big toe. Signs and symptoms may also be experience around the area of the knee, ankle, and even in phalanges of the hand. This condition can worsen gradually and may become chronic. If we talk about chronic disease, this pertains to a condition which is present for more than 6 months and may be expected not to fade soon. Chronic gout may even result to kidney stones, tophi formation and urate neuropathy. Good thing is there are gout remedies to help relieve one who is experiencing the signs and symptoms of gouty arthritis.

Gout usually is reported from obese individuals and those who have unhealthy lifestyle of drinking too much and smoking. Individuals who use diuretics in resolving high blood pressure or heart problems also have a high risk of developing this disorder and as well with those who are consuming too much of anchovies, salty foods and internal organs of animals. Recurrence of attacks will only exacerbate the situation, causing damage to the joints. To avoid this, one should not delay in seeking out or contact a health care professional to address properly the problem and even to give you right gout remedies.

There are several gout remedies that one can use during an attack or to avoid an attack. A person with gout must avoid foods that contribute to an increase of uric acid production such as red meats, internal organs like kidney, liver, intestines of animals and foods from legume genus. Patient must stop too much intake of alcoholic beverages too. Instead, patient must go for foods such as complex carbohydrate-rich food, low-fat milk, fruits and leafy vegetables. The patient must follow the instructions to this matter carefully and above all. Aside from these, pain reliever medications or NSAIDs can also be administered. Just keep in mind to ask prescription from your doctor. If during attacks, the patient can perform hot and cold compresses and foot baths besides the medications.

Or one may want to try herbal and natural products as gout remedies. These are economical and do not cause any adverse effects. Celery is first in line. It is said to have over 20 kinds of anti-inflammatory substance. Another one is the spearmint that can be topically applied over the affected area to soothe swelling and pain.

Whatever kind of gout remedies you want to use, always just keep in mind to consult your doctor and live a healthy lifestyle as well.

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