Gout Natural Medicine

{$Gout Natural Medicine}A gout natural medicine treatment does work and is effective. This claim is no hearsay. This could even be the best alternative if it is natural approach of treatment for gout what you want. Natural medicine does not merely relieve you from all that pain caused by gouty arthritis; it also will help you to save bucks of money, saving you from spending much to buy for your maintenance medication.

Gouty arthritis or gout as its simple form is a disease condition in which one suffers from joint pain, redness, swelling and inflammation of the affected areas. This is basically due to the excessive amount of uric acid in the body that develops into crystals or urates that accumulates in certain areas of the body particularly the joints. The increase of uric acid can be a result of too much alcohol consumption, smoking, and consumption of certain types of food such as animal’s internal organs. However, over the years of research, this condition is not anymore a major problem since there are already several ways to somehow control its signs and symptoms. And one of these is the gout natural medicine. It is a type of treatment that is already tested and proven to be effective by many who have the disease.

Gout natural medicine as it is considered as a natural approach is really such the best and helpful alternative particularly for those who do not have much to suffice their medications. So let us start with the most basic ways of treating gouty arthritis. One can try lemon juice. Make the solution by mixing the lemon extract to 240ml of water. The lemon juice contains Vitamin C that is known to have the ability to dissolve urates. Drinking this mixture three times a day will ensure you of improved relief from pain and lessened pressure. Vitamin C can also be obtained from taking other fruits such as berries, citruses and pepper and green leafy vegetables. So better love and enjoy consuming them from now on. Next effective way is by increasing your fluid consumption by taking up 2 to 3 litres fluid every day. This is mainly to get rid of excess of uric acid circulating inside your system. This is not just plainly water intake. Vegetable and fruit juices, teas and soup also fall under your fluid consumption. Other natural remedies are by the way of topical application such as ointment and compresses. One can try mustard powder and whole wheat powder to be made as a cream. This is found to relieve joint pains by placing it overnight over the affected areas. Another is the mixture of apple cider vinegar and raw honey that can be either topically applied or taken orally. For compresses, hot compress such as the combination of hot water and 2 cups of Epsom salt or table salt are best if one suffers from swelling since this promotes proper blood circulation. On the other hand, cold compresses are applicable for those who are suffering from periods of redness and inflammation.

These are just the few gout natural medicine. Proven and tested ways that were in the stream long before and are passed from one generation to another generation.

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