Gout Natural Home Remedies

Effective Gout Natural Home Remedies

Gout is a disease that affects from one to two percent of the population of the western world. This is an increase over the last few decades, thought to be caused by changes in the lifestyle of the general population, namely in diet.

Gout is caused by excess uric acid in the blood, which is a result of diet, genetics or even under-excretion of urate. This allows uric acid to crystallize around the joints and cause inflammation and discomfort. Commonly, gouty arthritis attacks the big toe, but gout may also affect other joints of the body.

Gout commonly affects an individual for the rest of his life, which means someone with gout has to make major changes in his lifestyle in order to prevent the attacks of arthritis that accompany the disease. This often means correcting the diet, among other things.

One of the ways to treat gout is through gout natural home remedies. The importance of using home remedies is that it involves the patient in the treatment of gout, which makes the patient responsible for his own health. This is critical, as it is the lifestyle choices of the patient which largely determines whether or not an arthritic attack occurs or not.

Gout natural home remedies come in different forms, and are usually easy enough to incorporate into a patient’s daily life. These also work well with the lifestyle and diet changes that someone with gout has to make, and in some cases are part of those lifestyle and diet changes.

Gout natural home remedies that involve lifestyle and dietary changes include the reduction of meat and seafood intake, as well as avoiding alcohol and fructose consumption. Exercise is recommended as well, as obesity can increase the risk of gout. Vitamin C is very important, and up to 1500mg is recommended.

Other foods that work as effective gout natural home remedies include cherries, oranges and even pineapple, which all have large amounts of vitamin C. Apples are said not only to have vitamin C, but can also provide pain relief from the arthritic symptoms.

To treat the arthritis pain itself, some people use a variety of oils and liniments that are rubbed or massaged on the affected areas. This can provide relief, while the body is cleansed of excess uric acid. Another possible external treatment is to use a mixture of mustard powder and wheat powder, blended into a paste. This is applied to the affected area and left overnight to provide relief.

The last and perhaps most important gout natural home remedy is perhaps the simplest: drink enough water. With enough water, the body can better rid itself of excess uric acid which will reduce the risks of arthritic attacks.

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