Glucosamine Side Effects in Dogs

What Are The Glucosamine Side Effects In Dogs

Glucosamine has been used widely as a treatment of arthritis in humans, but many pet owners know that glucosamine is also effective in treating the disease in man’s best friend. Glucosamine for dogs helps your favorite pet overcome the effects of arthritis and joint damage, by promoting the healing of damaged cartilage and providing relief from inflammation and pain.

Because it is so widely used and effective, many veterinarians advise dog owners to put their pets on glucosamine supplements as soon as the symptoms of arthritis are seen, or even earlier. This can ensure that their pets can remain mobile and active despite advancing years – which is one of the causes of arthritis in dogs.

It is often important to know the risks by knowing what glucosamine side effects in dogs exist, as this awareness can help a pet owner decide on the treatments for their pet. The good news is that very few glucosamine side effects in dogs exist. Those that do manifest – vomitting and diarrhea – often disappear after either a reduction in the dose, or by giving the supplement with food.

This means that pet owners can confidently use the supplement for their pet, as glucosamine side effects in dogs are uncommon and rare, and relatively minor compared to the discomfort that arthritis can bring their favorite pet.

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