Glucosamine MSM Side Effects

Should You Worry About Glucosamine MSM Side Effects?

Glucosamine and MSM are two of the most commonly used supplements for the treatment of arthritis pain. Given their popularity, it is useful to know about any potential glucosamine MSM side effects, especially if there are any that are caused by them being used together.

Glucosamine MSM side effects that are common to each of the two supplements include a variety of stomach-related conditions. Often, they are caused by consumption of high amounts of either or both, over the recommended amount. These side effects can include nausea, heartburn, diarrhea or upset stomach or even abdominal pains. In addition, a few people may experience lack of sleep or headaches.

Other glucosamine MSM side effects include possible negative reactions when consumed by those allergic to shellfish, or who have diabetes or other blood-related conditions. Those who are allergic to shellfish may experience rashes and other skin irritations, as well as breathing difficulties because of swelling. Those with diabetes are at risk when using glucosamine because it is a sugar that the body is unable to break down into glucose, which could affect insulin levels.

Being aware of these glucosamine MSM side effects can be vital in the treatment of your arthritis pain and discomfort.

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