Glucosamine Dosage

What is the Recommended Glucosamine Dosage

Glucosamine is a chemical compound that is also can be found in shellfish. Mainly, it is use as one of the treatments of osteoarthritis which functions as a pain reliever. Since this derives from shellfish, glucosamine dosage is contraindicated to people who have known allergies of such sea food. In spite of this fact, no one can also deny the fact that it help relieve someone’s osteoarthritis.

Glucosamine had undergone a series of laboratory research and tests before it was finally recommended to be part of good body supplements. Several research institutes had done their studies since the year of 1960. They produced glucosamine dosage in injectable form that laboratory researchers were the ones who were only allowed to handle it before. Unlike today, glucosamine can already be seen in lots of pharmacies and is used to relieve one from pain.

However, despite of several claims about the therapeutic properties of glucosamine dosage, the US Bureau of Food and Drug still classified it under the supplement category. But in other countries particularly in European countries, glucosamine is already considered as one of alternative medicines. Categorizing glucosamine is still being debated as of now. There are others strongly are pushing the idea that it could replace those phased out drugs for osteoarthritis, the disease that has a scarce treatment options. Having glucosamine to be proven and be approved to be as one of osteoarthritis drug of treatments will be a great idea. But authorities are only studying on this one since they are still unsure of what really is the effect of glucosamine in a human’s body.

Naturally, glucosamine itself is known to be very adaptive. But if you associate its main ingredient with other chemical compounds particularly glucosamine sulfate and HCl, a potent and effective glucosamine dosage will be actually obtained. Recommended glucosamine dosage falls around 1500 milligrams per day which makes you to spend from $30 up to $50 every month if you are having it as a maintenance drug. You might find this expensive but this price is fairly enough compared to other options for osteoarthritis relief.

Synergy of glucosamine is not just the only thing that affects its performance and quality. Glucosamine dosage form also has an effect of its potency. Glucosamine liquid form is more preferable than its pill or tablet form. Drugs in liquid form are absorbed quickly along the process of pharmacokinetics and drugs of this form are said to be of high quality. Glucosamine pills or tablet forms may be expensive but this is only because these forms require more processing for them to be absorbed in the body.

So before deciding to take any glucosamine dosage, it is still best that you consult first with your physician. This will not just ensure your safety but will also give you the right idea of taking glucosamine supplements.

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