Fish Oil Side Effects

Fish Oil Side Effects – Should We Be Worried?

Fish oil is a very popular heath supplement, partly as a source of Omega-3 and essential fatty acids. It is used not only to promote health, but also to reduce the risks of heart disease, relieve arthritis pain and inflammation, and also helps to treat a host of other diseases and conditions.

Fish oil side effects are few and rare, compared to more conventional treatments. Despite this, it is still best to be aware of any fish oil side effects, to be able to avoid any possible complications and additional difficulties when using fish oil supplements.

One of the fish oil side effects that is minor, and mentioned here almost to include a touch of humor, is that fish oil used to give those who take it “fish breath.” This, however, is mostly a problem of the past, as newer production methods are now able to create supplements that avoid this minor side effects. If you experience this, however, the supplement you are taking may be rancid, so replace it immediately.

Of more concern are studies that show that fish oil thins the blood. This means it should not be taken along with other blood thinners like aspirin, specially if you have any blood-related conditions. Aside from this, abdominal discomfort and diarrhea may also result, tho these fish oil side effects usually do not occur more than a few days after you start using fish oil supplements.

Aside from these relatively minor fish oil side effects, using fish oil is safe and free of harmful, long-term side effects.

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