Bursa Arthritis Natural Remedies

by Support on May 27, 2011

For those suffering from bursitis we offer an excerpt from this recent article which outlines some natural bursitis remedies.

Greater Trochanteric Bursitis – Bursa Arthritis Remedies

greater trochanteric bursitis painTrochanteric is the inflammation of the bursa or bursae (a small sac filled with a lubricating, cushioning fluid like substance) that is located where a bones and muscles come together. It is covered with ligaments, tendons and capillaries that keep the joints muscles and bones connected and in working efficiently.It is a very common form of bursitis.

The major job of the trochanteric bursa is to cushion the impact of physical stresses being placed upon a joint socket like the greater trochanteric bursa of the hip. It is meant to give a level of insulation against hard impacts like running, jumping or carrying heavy objects that would normally cause great discomfort if not for the bursa.

Greater Trochanteric Bursitis (causes greater trochanteric pain syndrome) is noticed in the greater gluteal (between buttocks and femoral muscles) which is a part of the hip. It causes hip bursitis – the general name for this condition. It is a rheumatoid type condition commonly associated with arthritis. With this or any bursitis of the hip, wearing properly fitting shoes is imperative to easing the pain and symptoms of this form of arthritis.

It can also occur from an injury or trauma to the socket or by having too much weight placed on the joint socket, irritating or rupturing the bursa. Not paying attention to proper body posture can lead to bursitis showing up in the hips. Ergonomics play a key role here as does being physically active.

A fracture in this area may require surgical intervention to set it in place. If you experience a fracture, please by all means, do see your doctor and get an x-ray (take zeolite afterwards) to verify if it is broken. If it requires surgery then wait till afterwards and begin taking the supplements at the bottom of the page that will help speed your recovery. You an recover from this and regain your physical agility.

Trochanteric Bursitis Physical Therapy

Evaluate when you first notice the discomfort or pain, and if it is being caused by a repetitive motion, try and change the angle of your bending to a more comfortable one.Strengthen the muscles that surround the hip by doing some exercises (see section below)
Begin incorporating an arthritis diet, and cut back on the items that cause inflammation and painInclude Omega-3 oils (preferably from flax or plant sources, as animal sources are highly acidic)Add warming spices (anti-inflammatory) to your meals if you enjoy them (curry, turmeric, ginger, garlic, cayenne)Drink plenty of fluids or use MegaHydrate (this will help hydrate the joint, and keep it operating smoothly)Get a good magnetic wrap or brace (the highest Gauss possible – around 800 or more and neodymium type)Alternate between hot and cold packs on the joint. About 10 minutes each, cycle a few times between hot and cold. Take a good arthritis supplement like Zymosine.Try some homeopathic cures like Rhumatol Arthritis & Muscle Pain Relief. Lower your overall stress level (watch a comedy or even sing around the house, it really does work)…

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Natural Arthritis Homeopathic Remedies

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