Arthrosis Symptoms

Arthrosis Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment

Arthrosis is a degenerative disease to articulate that it affects the hialino cartilage that covers the bony surface of the calls sinoviales joints (it rolls, hip, joints of the hands…). Far from being a static process, the arthrosis takes place by a imbalance between the mechanisms of regeneration and degeneration of this cartilage. As a result of a heterogenous group of factors, an alteration of the metabolism of the condrocito takes place that entails a thinning of the cartilage, associated to regenerative bony changes, that, altogether, will determine the clinical manifestations of the disease which we will see more ahead.

What are the causes?

The fundamental arthrosis symptoms are the pains, of insidious beginning, deep and bad located, that typically increase with the movement and improve with rest. The pain can become continuous and can appear until rest. Another or the arthrosis symptonsentail rigidity to after resting. The deformities you will articulate appear throughout the evolution of the disease as a result of the increase of the bony and capsular component. To the physical exploration these deformities are appraised as well as a limitation of mobility with pain to the pressure, chasquidos and crackle of the joint affects. Radiology in the starting phases can be normal, although most typical it is to observe a narrowing of the space to articulate associate to bony sclerosis and appearance of marginal osteofitos (bony prominencias). Specific alterations of laboratory of the arthrosis do not exist.

What are the arthrosis symptoms?

One is the disease to articulate at present more frequent, with tendency to increase in relation to the aging of the population. One calculates that arthrosis symptons affects between a 1 and a 2 percent of the population, with predominance in females and a noticeable association with the age. Below the 55 years, occurance of arthrosis symptoms are similar in men and women. Over this age, more the frequently damaged joint is the hip in the men and the joints of the hands in the women.

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