Arthrosis Definition

Arthrosis Definition – Why the Confusion?

Arthrosis definition one: any articulation between two or more different bones, which allows movement of the body. Typically formed of cartilage and connective tissue, which prevent the different bones from coming into contact with each other during movement, and even while at rest.

Arthrosis definition two: a degenerative disease that affects arthrosis as defined in definition one. This disease typically attacks the cartilage and connective tissues, which can result in damage to these tissues. This in turn may result in the related bones coming into contact, causing pain and discomfort. When used in this manner, may typically refer to osteoarthritis, or other forms of arthritis.

In both cases, the word arthrosis comes from the Greek root word “arthros” or joint, which is also the root word for “arthritis.”

If you’ve done some research on arthritis, or specifically osteoarthritis, you may have come across the word “arthrosis” and found it used differently in a variety of sources. This is because of the two related but very different definitions listed above.

While this can be a cause of confusion, taking the time to understand which definition is being used can lead to greater comprehension of the materials at hand.

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