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by Support on May 23, 2011

We’re in the news again, just picked this up off the wire: Presents Various Arthritis Cures

(openPR) – TX 5/23/2011 – Meredith Walker, authority in natural arthritis remedies and head webmaster at, an informational website dedicated to public education for sufferers of arthritis related diseases, has announced today that her website will be featuring various cures for arthritis.

“This follows the main goal of, which is to present methods to treat arthritis and joint pain. By taking a week to prioritize the presentation of various arthritis cures, we hope to provide a wealth of information and alternatives for those afflicted with arthritis,” said Walker

For the previous weeks since the official launch of the website, it has featured a variety of topics on arthritis and joint pain. This week promises to be the first time that will be concentrating on treatment methods for arthritis in general.

“As it is,” continued Walker, “Our information campaign has touched on various remedies and treatments for arthritis and other related diseases. But this week, we intend to cover as wide a range of remedies and treatments for the various forms of arthritis as possible.”

While arthritis cures are highly effective in treating arthritis symptoms, however, Meredit Walker does admit a certain limitation to what they can do. Specifically, that arthritis cures cannot remove or heal arthritis completely.

“It’s true that arthritis is one of the more difficult diseases to treat. This is shown in the fact that, despite all the research done on arthritis, even modern science cannot get rid of the disease,” admitted Walker. “So when we talk about arthritis cures, we mean treatments and remedies that help alleviate the difficulties of arthritis.”…

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