Arthritis Can Be Solved Naturally

by Support on February 14, 2011

Latest news on recently analyzed herbal extracts show increadible promise. Following is a short article we found on the latest reasearch into three herbal extractions: Kaprex, SierraSil and Lyprinol.

US research centers alongside British medical research have just released the results of studies regarding 3 groundbreaking remedies for arthritis sufferers of all kinds.  The numbers are astonishing and nothing to date even compares to the effectiveness of them, in both fast onset of relief, as well as duration of relief.  These are NOT bandaids…they are treatments that not only stop your body from creating an infammatory response to arthritis….but actually relieve severe pain immediately and stop the damage from continuing.  There is not 1 treatment currently on the market or pharmaceutical which can produce all 3 of these benefits, as well as having NO SIDE EFFCETS WHATSOEVER. 

1.  Kaprex.  Kaprex is a formula of Oleanolic Acid (from olive leafs), Rosemary & Luduxin (from hops). 

After being studied separately, these 3 ingredients were studied as a mixture and produce outstanding medical results. 

Think of it as herbal ‘teamwork’!  It reduces the excessive formation of infammation-producing enzymes, rather than just inhibitin gtheir activity, such as typical nsaids do.  Due to that mechanism, it produces NO gastrointestinal injury, as nsaids also do.  A recent study examined 6 subjects, each using 1 Celebrex capsule, and also 1 Kaprex tablet.  Each subject was blood tested at 1,2,4,6 & 8 hours after dosing each.  One Kaprex proved to work just as effectively as 1 Celebrex for reducing the formation of infammatory enzymes, which is a monumentous discovery in itself…but Kaprex also proved to take affect much quickly after dosing, as well as lasting longer than 8 hours, in comparison to Celebrex’s lasting on average 4-6 hours.  As you can imagine…taking more than 1 Kaprex did prove to provide even substantially more benefit.  It is available in 30 and 90 tablet bottles, and the recommended dose for an adult is 1 tablet, 3 times daily.  And if you don’t feel its working for you in 7-10 days, the manufacturer, Metagenics, will provide a full refund!

2.  SierraSil.  SierraSil is made from natural occuring volcanic mineral deposit.  It contains 65 macro and trace minerals.  Its power to support joint mobility and flexibility is said by users to have changed their lives.  Besides its arthritic healing properties, it also contains clay, which passes through the body unmetabolized and detoxifies the body of heavy metals as it is excreted.  In a study using human cartilages from OsteoArthritis patients, the patients all experienced 68-73% reduction of breakdown of cartilage in just ONE week!  Dramatic improvements found in patients with arthritic knees, were noted within just one to two weeks, and almost full range of mobility in under a month.  Testimonials are pouring in to the manufacturer of SierraSil, Sierra Mountain Minerals.  Patients have said that they were brought to tears when they noticed for the first time in years, that they didn’t have to even think about their pain, as they were completely symptom-free.  SierraSil shows signifigant reducation in pain, stiffness, inflammation & improvement of joint function all within a month of using.  It comes in capsule and powder form, and is available in many health food stores.  The recommended dosage is three capsules once daily on an empty stomach, or one scoop of powder daily, mixed with juice, water or food.

3.  Lyprinol.  Found in New Zealand, what was a known treatment for years but couldn’t be isolated & stabilized to use for human function was Lyprinol.  This miracle may be the most powerful antiinflammatory compound ever dicovered.  It is extracted from coast-dwellin Maori mussel, often called the green-lipped mussel.  People living in the only region where Maori are found, are arthritis-free.  Lyprinol has been proven 200 times more effective than high potency fish oil in controlling swelling in humans.  Scientists in 1986 in France conducted a trial of 53 Rheumatoid Arthritis patients and found the green-lipped mussel extract reduced pain by 62% after 6 months, while those on a placebo had a 20% increase in pain!  Ultimately they zeroed in on “ETAs” in the Maori as the active ingredients responsible for its remarkable anti-arthritic affects.  This group of ETAs is not found in any other known substance.  The methods to obtain it have been patented & granted in several countries already.  Lyprinol was studied in Australia using lab animals, with polyarthritis, the closest model for RA in humans.  When Lyprinol was given as an oral supplement, arthritis-related swelling in the animals paws was reduced by MORE than 90%.  It was also effective when just rubbed directly onto the area, which is done by simply breaking the capsules open.  It was an unmatched medical discovery. 

Out of all arthritis treatments, natural and pharmaceutical today, Lyprinol was tested as the most effective in preventing arthritis-related swelling by 79% and uo, while others are all below the 50% mark.  It has the power to actually “erase” arthritic pain and stiffness.  Another study of 66 patients who had failed at receiving a result from all methods of medical treatment, were scheduled to have surgery to repair badly damaged joints.  At the close of this trial, the reported improvements were in 68% of RA patients & 39% of OA patients, who no longer needed to undergo surgical repairs!  With the low incidence of side effects, non-toxicity and the high rate of absorbability, Lyprinol just may be the best remedy for overall repair & relief of all kinds of arthritis; because  it is as to date….the most powerful antiinflammatory AND arthritic pain reliever discovered.  It will not however rebuild or previously damaged cartilage.

The dosage ranges between two and four capsules daily.  Up to six capsules can be taken for the first four weeks to receive optimal benefit & results.  Rubbing the Lyprinol directly onto the affected joints is also a method of use, and can almost instantly relieve pain and swelling of the area.  Lyprinol is available to the public.  It is recommended to be used in conjunction with a chondroitin & glucosamine supplement, for its ability to acturally rebuild the joints naturally

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