Osteoporosis Neck Pain

Do You Have Osteoporosis Neck Pain?

Osteoporosis is a disease that involves the weakening of bones due to reduced bone mineral density. This makes bones more likely to fracture and break, which results in reduced mobility and body weakness as well as daily pain.

Osteoporosis neck pain may be a result of a crush fracture in one of the vertebra. The signs of osteoporosis damage to the neck include reduction in height as well as a hunched posture. This can cause great difficulty, and carries great risk, as damage to the vertebra carries with it many complications which includes damage to the spinal cord.

Osteoporosis neck pain is usually a sign of severe osteoporosis, and individuals with osteoporosis neck pain will likely already have had broken or fractured bones. The best treatment for this is of course prevention, though those who are already suffering from osteoporosis neck pain do have alternatives available for their treatment.

Aside from the lifestyle and diet changes required of those with osteoporosis, those who experience osteoporosis neck pain may need to undergo physical therapy in order to reduce the strain on the neck. Severe cases will require proper consultation with a physician in order to get the proper medications; treatment may even require a surgical solution for osteoporosis neck pain.

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