Gout Neck Pain

Have You Heard of Gout Neck Pain?

When looking for treatment for any disease, one of the most important factors is proper diagnosis. This can be all the more important in the case of arthritis, which has over 100 different forms. While different forms have common symptoms, which leads to some similar treatments, some forms of arthritis have different causes, and require different treatment.

Gout is one such form of arthritis. Caused by high uric acid levels in the bloodstream, it’s successful treatment involves reduction and normalization of this, in addition to treating the pain and discomfort of the initial arthritis attack.

Usually, diagnosis of gout is fairly straightforward, with more than half of those with gout suffering their first gout attacks in the big toe. But if the pain begins in the spine, gout is rarely considered as a cause, and most do not even know that it is possible to have gout neck pain.

Gout neck pain is very rare, but it does exist, though it is also possible that other cases are misdiagnosed. Typically, gout neck pain is a result of uric acid crystals gathering around the joints of the spine. Treatment for gout neck pain is similar to normal gout, though diagnosis is usually more difficult.

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