Arthritis Stiff Neck

Arthritis Stiff Neck Pain – There is Help

One of the reasons that people experience arthritis stiff neck symptoms is because of a disease of the neck called cervical spondylosis. It is a disease that is caused by the constant wearing away or degeneration of the cervical spine. This includes the cervical disks, and the joints between the bones of the spine. In some cases, there may even be growths on the spine as well.

Because of the resulting degeneration, those with cervical spondylosis may experience arthritis stiff neck symptoms as well as inflammation in the neck. Aside from the stiffness and lack of mobility, the joints may be inflamed and painful as well.

Arthritis stiff neck symptoms caused by this disease usually develop over time, as the damage adds up. In some cases, however, the symptoms come suddenly, resulting in neck pain and stiffness that gets worse over time. More advanced cases may result in a loss of sensation or weakness in the shoulders, arms or even legs. Another common symptom is headaches, felt in the back of the head.

Less commonly, those with cervical spondylosis may experience a loss of balance, or even loss of bladder or bowel control. These could be signs of serious damage and compression of the spinal cord.

It is very important to diagnose cervical sponylosis quickly. Aside from arthritis stiff neck symptoms, if you or someone you know show the above symptoms, testing should be done immediately. Various testing methods may be employed to confirm the diagnosis, including a CT scan or spine MRI, or even X-rays to examine the deterioration.

Various treatments are available to treat this arthritis of the neck. Usually simple therapies are the most effective. Most commonly used are non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications for the inflammation and pain, as well as muscle relaxants to ease the stiffness and restore mobility. Some physical therapy exercises which can be done at home may also be recommended.

Extreme cases where the damage is more intensive may require cortisone injections to create a buffer between the joints of the spine. However, further compression of the spinal cord, which can be shown by loss of mobility or sensation in the limbs may require surgery to correct.

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