Arthritis Shoulder Pain

Arthritis Shoulder Pain and Discomfort

There are many causes of shoulder pain, and arthritis need not be the culprit if you are experiencing shoulder pains of any kind. The pain could be a result of bursitis, a tear in the rotator cuff or even a dislocation of the shoulder; the pain may even originate from problems in the neck. The wide range of causes for shoulder pain is not surprising, given that the shoulder is one of the most active joints of the body.

You may be experiencing arthritis shoulder pain, however, if you have already been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, as this form of arthritis is known to affect the shoulders as well as the other joints and organs of the body. Osteoarthritis could also be the cause of arthritis shoulder pain, though this is less common, and usually follows from previous injuries to the shoulder.

Proper diagnosis of the shoulder pain is required for accurate treatment, so make sure to see your doctor when you are faced with recurring shoulder pain. But if the pain goes away after a few days, it is likely caused by other factors. However, if and when arthritis shoulder pain is determined, then treatment for arthritis can begin.

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