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What About Osteoporosis Natural Medicine

In anatomy and physiology perspective, our bones are basically made up of tissue, mainly collagen, which serves as the bone’s framework. And it is calcium that makes this framework strong and dense. Normally, new bones are developed as one ages starting from childhood up to adolescence. However, as one reaches the age of 30, our bones losses its density as the amount of calcium decreases which then turns into a disease condition called osteoporosis. In this condition, the bones become porous and brittles. Any age group could have osteoporosis but it is more prevalent among women who are in their 40s and above. It is most common to women because the process of bone tissue loss is more rapid in this group. This is brought by the drop of estrogen level as woman reaches the menopausal stage. The one who has this disease suffers from bone and joint pain as well as the high risk of having fractures. Fracture typically happen in the rib, hip, spine and wrist. However, just like other diseases, osteoporosis signs and symptoms can be put to a minimum. This can be done either by medications or the osteoporosis natural medicine.

Under osteoporosis natural medicine, study supports calcium supplements. Since it is calcium that is decreased in this disease condition, it is just right that supplements are should be taken to replace calcium loss. It is only just right that calcium supplements must be included in the list of those who have osteoporosis because it was found that diet alone is not enough to meet the calcium deficiency. Calcium supplements together with a well- balanced diet which includes green leafy vegetables; weight-bearing exercises such as jogging and brisk walking; reduction of consumption of processed and carbonated foods; and stopping cigarettes and alcohol consumption are just the basic things that one should religiously and strictly follow in order not to aggravate osteoporosis.

Another approach under osteoporosis natural medicine is the early detection of possible development of the disease. Early detection of the signs and symptoms of osteoporosis would be a great help for prevention and the course of cure that should be taken. One way of detecting osteoporosis early is the use of bone density test. These are usually done on the larger bones but small bones are mainly what give the sign that a bone tissue loss is happening. Through this, you will be given an idea about the level of your calcium deficiency as well as the chance that osteoporosis will most likely to develop.

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