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Many people all over the world are affected by arthritis. Over the years, breakthroughs in the management and treatment of arthritis have been developed. Both conventional and alternative methods have been discovered to alleviate the symptoms of this disease. Different natural remedies are all available in the market. Many people choose the natural alternative over the conventional not just because of its efficacy but because it is safe to use. Naturopathic therapies, herbal remedies and arthritis homeopathic formulas are only a few of natural remedies to choose from.

Arthritis homeopathic pain formulas are all natural and effective to use. They could be used as lubricants in joints, muscles and tissues. They give an anti-inflammatory effect that reduces swelling on joints and an analgesic effect which reduces pain. There are a lot of herbs and medicinal plants which are used as homeopathic pain relief agents in the management of pain brought by arthritis.

The main ingredient of most arthritis homeopathic pain agents is the White Willow Bark which contains salicin which is converted to salicylic acid. Different ancient cultures have used this bark for its efficacy in reducing fever and alleviating pain. The White Willow Bark is known today as the “herbal aspirin”. Another plant which was first used as aspirin is the meadowsweet which contains the same ingredient salicin. Another known ingredient for homeopathic pain relief formulas is the bark of Boswellia serrata tree. Its bark is utilized to extract boswellic acids which has an anti-inflammatory effect. The Boswellia is used by traditional Indian healers to alleviate swelling of the joints. The native Indians of North America on the other hand use willow barks to relieve pain.

These medicinal plants are safe and effective. Unlike synthetic drugs which can cause gastric irritation, these herbal remedies have no adverse reactions and they are more affordable compared to other synthetic drugs which are available in the drugstore.

Arthritis homeopathic pain relief formulas such as those made from the barks of white willow and Boswellia serrata decreases the levels of Prostaglandins in our body.

Prostaglandins are responsible in the production of pain sensations. The condition of patients taking the white willow bark had greatly improved. There is reduced swelling, decreased pain and increased mobility of the affected joints. Though it is not as fast acting as any synthetic medication its effect lasts longer and it does not cause any adverse reactions to the user.

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