Osteoarthritis in Fingers

Osteoarthritis In Fingers – Pain and Limited Mobility

Osteoarthritis in fingers is very common disease among elders. We often see deformed and big finger joints especially those individuals who spend their life in the farm. This people do not mind this condition because for them it is not a serious one. But we also see some of these diseases in other high profile individuals. This only means that the disease does not choose whom it may affect. Individuals who are abusing their hands and those having injuries are having higher possibility to be affected by this disease.

There are 27 bones and joints in the hand. These bones are connected with the cartilage which is the fibrous substance that connects the joints and other part of the body. Our hand is more prawn to this disease because from time to time we uses hand in everything that we do. The main cause of osteoarthritis in fingers is the damage of the cartilages and other connective tissue. There are also some factors that cause the onset of the disease. Aging is one cause of this disease due to some repetitive use and stresses in the joints. Family history is another impact that caused the development of this disease.

The signs and symptoms of osteoarthritis in fingers are the pain in the joint, tenderness, inflammation, stiffness, creaky joint, warmness in are affected and loss of mobility. Osteoarthritis disease also carries fever. You can also see redness on the affected part. Actually arthritis can’t be cured. The best thing that you can do is to prevent and minimize the pain of this disease.

One effective remedy for osteoarthritis in fingers is the apple cider vinegar. This is proven to ease the pain of this disease. You can mixed this vinegar in a bowl of water and stir it properly. You can either soak your fingers for 10- 15 minutes or soak a piece of cloth and wrap it around your fingers. Hot and cold compress application will also help in easing the pain. The application should start in hot compress for 60 seconds followed by a cold compress application for about 30 seconds. You must do this procure alternately to melt down the crystal formation of the uric acid.

Osteoarthritis in fingers medication is available in deferent drugstores. But before buying them you must first consult your doctor so that you will be given appropriate medications. Although the best affordable way is through natural treatment, but you still need a physician to check your condition.

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