Have you ever heard of the disease called bursitis? This is an inflammation of a tiny fluid-filled sac called bursa. Bursa or bursae in plural form is responsible in reducing the friction between the tissues of the joints. The entire human body has a total of 160 tiny filled sacs. Bursae are located in different parts of the body. The most common and major bursae are located adjacent to the tendons near the large joints, knees, hips and shoulders.

Bursitis affects not only the elders but also younger individual. This means that anyone has the possibility to developed this disease. That is why you should be aware on how to get rid of this disease. Knowing the possible causes will help you in preventing the development of the disease. The overuse of the muscles and as well as the joint will cause damage that will result to inflammation. Previous injuries will also develop this disease. Another contributing factor is if you have a history of gout or rheumatoid arthritis.

For you to be aware with this disease you need to know the signs and symptoms. Stiffness accompanied by painful burning sensation in the joint around the inflamed bursa is a symptom of bursitis. The pain will become severe every after any activity. You will also notice that the affected area will become stiffer prior to the attack of the disease.

Pain is always present in almost all bones and joint related disease. To ease the pain of bursitis, you can take pain relievers such as the non-steroidal anti inflammatory drugs. These drugs are effective and safe for side effects. You can purchase this together with the doctor’s prescription in any drugstore in your place. But before you will take these drugs you must be able to consult your doctor. Sometimes there are contents of this drugs that are not good to you especially if you have other health problems.

Bursitis needs proper care so that the infection will not scatter and causes lots of complication. You need to rest the area affected so that it will not get worst. Today you can also find natural oral supplement that will help in relieving the pain. Another way to recover the mobility of the affected part is doing some mild exercise. This will help strengthen the muscles, bones and joints. Do not force the affected part if it still very painful because it will cause damage to the joints and muscles.

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