Arthritis Toes

Arthritis Toes – Hallux Limitus

Arthritis toes (also known as Hallux Limitus or Hallux Rigidus) is a condition regarding inflammation of the toe joint. The inflammation can be the result of such things as degenerative joint disease, gout, infection, trauma and autoimmune conditions.

Joints are formed by two bones which are held close together by ligaments and an outer covering known as a joint capsule. In order for the joints to move freely and without pain, the ends of the bones are covered in a softer material called cartilage. Sometimes the cartilage starts to crack and decay which results in bone rubbing on bone. This can be very painful, extra bone is laid down at the edges of the joint to try and stop movement and thus symptoms. This is why arthritic joints are often enlarged.

Arthritis Toes can be as a result of genetics or overuse. If there is a genetic predisposition to limited motion in the toe joints, the eventual arthritis toes will cause pain and decreased function. Some patients develop arthritis in the joint from trauma and or overuse injuries. This arthritis then will lead to limited motion and pain and decreased function. This becomes a continuous cycle of decreased motion, arthritis, extra bone formation, jamming of the joint and so on.

Treatment for toe arthritis depends on the cause; the specific type of arthritis, the severity of the symptoms, and the patients’ general health, age, and other medical conditions. Treatment is aimed at symptom control and modification of disease progression.

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