Arthritis Symptoms

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Arthritis Symptoms – Recognizing If You Have Arthritis Symptoms

Author: Bernice Eker

Arthritis is a disease that affects people’s joints, which is the point where two bones are connected. Joints are important for the mobility of two linked bones and arthritis is a disease that paralyzes the functioning of joints. In fact, the literal meaning of arthritis is the inflammation of joints.

There are over a hundred kinds of arthritis and it is important to know the arthritis symptoms that you experience. Recognition of arthritis symptoms is vital for the diagnosis of the exact kind of arthritis that you are suffering from. Early evaluation of arthritis symptoms can prevent greater damage and further discomfort.

The most common arthritis symptoms include inflammation of joints which is characterized by joint stiffness, visible swelling and redness. The area affected is also warm and tender to touch. Pain and inflammation of tendons that surround the affected joint can be present.

Muscle ache is also a common symptom. These manifestations could result in less range of motion, rendering the patient unable to move freely. Loss of mobility hinders a person unable to perform simple daily functions like walking, writing, exercising, using the computer, etc. Even eating becomes an impossible task when arm joints display arthritis symptoms.

These symptoms may appear suddenly or could progress over a period of time. Constant pain, inflammation and stiffness are signs that you should consult a physician, especially if these symptoms have already persisted for more than a week. Early diagnosis of the type of arthritis you have is critical in order to begin the best course of treatment.

Some types of arthritis could be worse than others. The effects of other kinds of arthritis may not be limited to joints. Sometimes, arthritis affects various internal organs in the body, thereby resulting in other forms of symptoms like fever that is accompanied by chills, sudden weight loss, fatigue and swelling of the glands. Organs like the lungs, kidneys and the heart can display symptoms as well. These organs can begin functioning abnormally because of arthritis.

Arthritis can also hit young people. Juvenile arthritis affects some children and it is manifested by the usual symptoms like joint aches, swelling and warmth. Other symptoms include body rashes, particularly in the arms and in the legs, fever and anemia. Poor appetite can also be an indication of arthritis in children.

Arthritis, when it remains untreated, could render a person unable to move freely. Aside from the stopping a person from performing his tasks, arthritis could also result in joint deformity, which could be very aesthetically unpleasing. Arthritis could affect a person’s quality of life. It can stop him from doing the things he love and can even force him to stop working. Even the most basic tasks become impossible challenges with this disease.

This disease does not choose its victim. It is not gender-based and contrary to popular assumption, arthritis is not limited to a specific age group. Anybody can suffer from it – men, women and children. Thus, it is important for people to be aware of the symptoms that they are experiencing. Early diagnosis can save you a lifetime of pain.

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