Arthritis in Hands

{$Arthritis In Hands}

Our hand is one of the vital parts of our body. The bones and joints in our hand have their specific functions. There are 25 bones in each hand including the fingers and wrist. Sometimes we do not notice that we already abuse our hands in doing anything. As a result, we feel pain in the joints and bones in our hand. We often neglect this condition because in our mind it just a normal pain in our hand. We do not know that this is already a disease called arthritis in hands.

There are many types of arthritis that are suffered by many individual. Among the type of arthritis that usually attacks the hand are the osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. We all know that all types of arthritis have common symptoms. The signs and symptoms of arthritis in hands include the severe pain, swelling, inflammation, stiffness accompanied by tenderness on the affected area and immobility. Osteoarthritis is experience by individual’s ages 40 years old and above. The disease will affect the cartilage and the tissues that surround the joints. Rheumatoid arthritis is serious type of disease that affects not only the joints but also the muscle, tendons and the tissues.

It is believed that one main cause of arthritis in hands is the excessive movement and force strengthening of the joints. Hand related injuries can also be the main cause of the disease. Actually this disease is best diagnosed by a medical specialist. There are medical and laboratory procedure being done to make correct diagnosis. X ray laboratory test, checking and testing the hands are the major procedure in the diagnosis for arthritis. Today there is a more effective way for diagnosing arthritis. This is through a medical procedure called the bone scan. The bone scan labotratory procedure can detect the early stage of arthritis. If you suspected some symptoms of arthritis you better choose this procedure rather than the x-ray laboratory test.

Nowadays we can find lots of available medications for the pain of arthritis in hands. There are prescribed medicine that can be bought over the counter. But this medicine is a bit expensive. If you can’t afford having these pain reliever medicines you can rely on natural way of treatments. These treatments are very affordable and effective as well. Among of this natural remedy includes taking garlic and devil’s claw extract. Drinking plenty amount of water and green teas will help flushing the toxin in the body. Exercises and proper diet is also one of the easiest natural ways of preventing this disease.

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