Arthritis in Fingers

{$Arthritis In Fingers}

People nowadays are already extremely busy. Our numerous daily activities make us use our hands and fingers all the time, that is why it is not entirely surprising that they can develop problems and become painful throughout time. Like many parts of our physical bodies, the structure of our hands and fingers are very complex that is why when they are strained, many things can go wrong. Excluding direct injury, arthritis in fingers can happen and cause discomfort to people.

The question is, however, how does arthritis in fingers and hands happen? The answer is actually very simple. Because of age, degeneration, wear and tear and due to disease or even poor care, people become sick. Immunization against many diseases is actually possible if you eat healthy and exercise regularly to maintain good health. This might delay arthritis for a while but it will not be forever.

Throughout our lives, our cells are renewed. They are however not replaced with the exact same cells that were removed. Later on, replaced cells become far removed from the original and because of the gradual degradation of our body, certain parts function less and less well. For cases like osteoarthritis, the cartilage is affected by wear and tear and thus, becomes less of a cushion and wears away. The second most common type of arthritis in fingers is rheumatoid arthritis. This is an inflammatory disease where finger joints react by becoming painfully swollen.

Arthritis in fingers has different forms and each may display a variety of symptoms that are not shared with another type like fever or fatigue. Each form however, share common similarities like pain, swollen joints and even finger deformity. An old person or a person who constantly performs a manual repetitive job can develop this kind of degenerative illness. On the other hand, some types of arthritis are genetically lines and as such will be passed on through generations.

Furthermore, bacterial variations of arthritis in fingers are simply contacted by people like a common cold. That is simply a case of being unlucky. However, certain types of arthritis can be passed on in such ways like through sexually transmitted diseases. Despite the kind of arthritis a person suffers, it can make life painful for a person, and may make everyday tasks a struggle.

If you are suffering from any form of arthritis in fingers, it is comforting to know that because of technological advancement in the field of medicine, there are many remedies available in the market today.

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