Arthritis Herbal Remedies

Are Arthritis Herbal Remedies Effective?

So how will you know if one is having arthritis? The possible answer that could be given to this is joint pain. Joint paint that is intermittent in nature. To add more, a patient who has arthritis also experiences periods of paraesthesia or numbness as well as joint stiffness. Numbness that usually occurs at night or upon waking up in the morning that is mainly due to exposure to cold temperature. This prompts the one who is having arthritis to take in medications just to relieve his or her body from bearing all the pain. However, it was found out from recent studies that arthritis drugs like Vioxx, Naproxen and pain relievers have adverse effects and a long term use of these drugs will only result to alterations of other vital body organs. And because of this impending danger, more and more patients are going for arthritis herbal remedies. It is because these are the safest alternatives to fight arthritis signs and symptoms.

Arthritis herbal remedies are not just useful to relieve one from all the symptoms. They are also proven to prevent worsening of the arthritis attacks. All herbal preparations have a high safety margin and even if you unintentionally took in a higher dose, side effects are only minimal. Both sick and healthy persons can take them in the same way. They serve as useful way of preventing disease development among healthy individuals and they even help in boosting the body’s immunity. This is what they also do in patients, boosting their immunity to prevent exacerbation and disease from recurring. Herbal remedies will not require you a fixed timetable of treatment since they can be used for long term purpose or maintenance, giving only minimal side effects.

So what are the arthritis herbal remedies that you can readily use? First is the white willow bark. This herb is exactly the reason why we have aspirin nowadays. White willow bark does not contain gastric irritants, not like aspirin which has adverse effects that include this concern. It is proven best in minimizing joint inflammation. Next is Turmeric. From the numerous claims of people who already are familiar with its effect, it cannot be denied that this herb is truly effective when it comes to relieving joint pain. It is normally used as a spice in East Asian and Hungarian cuisines. It was just later on that they discovered that it has an anti-inflammatory effect. This is what makes it effective in treating arthritis. All you just have to do is to consume 1/8 teaspoon of this spice initially and as you go on with the course of treatment, increase it to 1 teaspoon or two. This dosage also works for other spices like cayenne pepper that can be taken orally in a capsule form or applied topically by means of cream or ointment. It is known to reduce inflammation and promotes blood circulation.  These are just the few of herbal remedies known to relieve arthritis pain. A natural and safer approach for you to be pain free.

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