Arthritis Herbal Remedies

Arthritis Herbal Remedies – Do they Work?

If you are suffering from the pain of arthritis then you have probably already been through all the conventional treatments. Sadly, for a large percentage of patients, the prescription and even non prescription medications that doctors prescribe today are simply not effective. While medication can often help with the reduction of inflammation, it just can’t really do much for some of the other aspects of arthritis that cause pain and suffering. These are some of the reasons that arthritis herbal remedies are becoming so popular today. These are a safe and one hundred percent natural way to gently deal with arthritis symptoms, and help alleviate the problems. Sometimes the arthritis herbal remedies can even do much more for you than any prescription medication ever did.

Some natural oils that are known to be helpful in reducing the inflammation and pain of those joints in your body that are wracked with arthritis include: Juniper, sage, lavender, thyme, and rosemary. In addition to the pleasant smells, these essential oils are all excellent as an anti-inflammatory, and when combined with olive oil, can be made into an excellent massage oil. You can even practice self-massage with this type of oil: Simply combine the oils (your choice, or mix them up to see which you enjoy the most) and mix in, one part essential oil to ten parts olive oil. Gently rub the oil onto the painful area. Relief will begin quickly in most cases!

One of the most simple and effective arthritis herbal remedies is the Epsom salt and herbal bath: Simply combine Epsom salts (very inexpensive and effective home remedy for pain and swelling) and essential oils in the warm bathtub. Use several drops of essential oils such as lavender, thyme, rosemary, and even lemon (be careful with lemon or any citrus oil in the bathtub – use very sparingly since it is so strong and effective and can cause some mild skin irritation.) This is a “soak” bath that will feel wonderful to your aching painful joints. Steam baths are also very effective, especially if combined with essential oils!

The best way to handle your arthritis is very often the most natural way as well. Consider arthritis herbal remedies to get the very best results and to manage pain and suffering without having to resort to dangerous medications.

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