Arthritis Symptoms

Arthritis Symptoms You Should Know

There are actually many different forms of arthritis, with over a hundred different varieties of this disease. Each one affects the body differently, though there are common arthritis symptoms that are shared by most if not all of them.

The most common arthritis symptoms are pain, inflammation and stiffness of the joints, though different forms of arthritis may have the symptoms exhibit at different times, or under different conditions. Most people will recognize arthritis by these basic arthritis symptoms, but there are also other symptoms that the different varieties share.

Arthritis symptoms include difficulty with moving affected joints, or even complete loss of function in the joints. Those with arthritis also commonly feel discomfort and tired, and may experience fever or weight loss. The affected joints are also usually tender and painful to touch.

As the disease progresses the arthritis symptoms may result in the individual limiting their physical activity because of the pain and discomfort of movement. This may further result in weakening of the muscles an a loss of flexibility in the muscles and affected joints. Aside from this, arthritis may also cause the joint to become disfigured as a result to the damage to the connective tissues and deterioration of the surrounding muscles.

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