Arthritis Prevention

Arthritis Prevention is Key

Arthritis affects a large part of the population all over the world. It is a degenerative disease which causes joint pains. When left untreated it could progress to restricted mobility, swelling and inflammation, stiffness and irreversible damage on the affected joints and surrounding tissue. This is a crippling disease which is sometimes unbearable because of the pain.

Arthritis prevention is the key in battling this disease. Research and medical studies have produced different kinds of methods of prevention and treatment of arthritis. Early awareness could reduce the damage it could cause and prevent further severity and complications. There are even methods of arthritis prevention which you can apply on your own.

Arthritis prevention starts with what you eat. You need to watch what you eat and what you drink; adapting a healthy diet is important. Add more vegetables and fruits to your meals for this decreases your chances of developing arthritis. Eat vitamin C rich foods for they help in the prevention of this degenerative disease. Your beverage of choice should also be considered. Your sodas and coffee may give you a caffeine boost which you need to start your day but these drinks increases your risk of arthritis. Try to consider drinking green tea beverage for this is a healthy and smart choice. Green tea is good for arthritis prevention as it contains anti-oxidants which prevents the breakdown of joints and it also reduces swelling and inflammation.

Exercising for arthritis prevention is also important. Exercise helps you develop strong muscles and bones. This increased joint mobility which is vital in preventing joint pains. Increasing the frequency of your exercises will decrease your chances of developing arthritis. Since exercise can trigger the release of endorphins in your system, it then reduces the pain associated with this disease. Exercising will also lead to weight loss. Losing the extra pounds in your body relieves your joints from the stress of carrying the extra burden. This allows your joints to heal fast and increase joint mobility. According to different studies people who are overweight mostly develop arthritis.

Taking vitamins and calcium supplement for arthritis prevention is also recommended. These vitamin and mineral supplements can help your body prevent joint pains and bone mass reduction. Calcium supplement is also important. You need to consult your physician first on what kind of calcium supplement he can prescribe and recommend. Calcium prevents bone weakness and bone loss that is why it is important in the prevention of arthritis.

The effects of these methods for arthritis prevention cannot be observed instantly that is why it is recommended to use all these steps to see better results. An annual check-up and a regular contact with your physician is also important for early detection of this disease. There are various treatments and medications that your doctor can prescribe to prevent the progress of this disease.

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