Arthritis Foundation

What is The Arthritis Foundation

The Arthritis Foundation is a non-profit organization that supports research into the over 100 different forms of arthritis. It has funded over $380 million in research grants, making it the largest private non-profit contributor in the whole world. The various research programs it has funded has led to major advances in treatment, and greater understanding of arthritis in its many forms.

Aside from putting money into arthritis research, the Arthritis Foundation also helps provide public health education aimed at helping people live with arthritis. It also seeks to help those with arthritis through public policy and legislation, with many volunteers serving as advocates in the local and national governments, representing the literal millions of Americans with arthritis.

The Arthritis Foundation also conducts annual events and programs to educate the public and teach them both how to prevent arthritis and how to get the best treatment for arthritis. These programs and events not only raise awareness about the disease, but serve to generate funding for new research into arthritis cures and treatments.

It’s three-fold mission involves research, prevention and quality of life, aiming to find cures, preventions and improved treatments for the various forms of arthritis, so that those who suffer from arthritis no longer suffer from chronic joint pain.

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