Arthritis Causes and Symptoms and Home Remedies

by Support on May 15, 2011

Some great info can be found in a recent article published on by Dr. Charles Buchar. The good doctor starts us our with a quick definition of arthritis which is more than a bit confusing:

“Arthritis – is the inflammation of the lining membrane, or synovium,of the involved joint; hence this is not, strictly speaking, the same as Arthritis. The main feature of arthritis is inflammation, w… “

Got that? I didn’t think so. But Dr. Buchar redeems himself by describing well some of the causes of arthritis and includes a handy list of Home Remedies:

Arthritis Causes
There are various types of arthritis and accordingly a number of possible causes. Arthritis generally does involve a breakdown and deterioration of cartilage however, which is essential for protection of the joints to enable smooth movement. With the destruction of or loss of cartilage there is some amount of friction as the bones make contact causing severe pain and swelling. The causes of arthritis in the back, neck, hips, knees, elbows, wrists, and ankles or other joints could be attributed to various factors such as autoimmune diseases, bone damage, general wear and tear or aging, or because of infection. If caused by some other condition the inflammation or other symptoms of arthritis should resolve once the infection has been treated or the injury healed. At times however the condition will not resolve even after the elimination of the cause as you may have developed chronic arthritis. Arthritis like osteoarthritis is also age related and it will not go away completely.

Some factors that put you at risk of developing arthritis however include being overweight. Obesity may cause arthritis to develop a lot more easily because of the high amount of stress and pressure on the joints. Performing certain repetitive movements like repeatedly hammering at a nail or batting could put stress on the concerned joint, which is why construction workers or baseball players for example are at risk. A lack of physical activity also contributes to deterioration and muscle or tissue loss and may contribute to arthritis. An unhealthy diet that is excessively high in fat or previous injuries to a joint may also contribute to the eventual development of arthritis.

Home Remedies
1. Take one teaspoon of sandalwood powder and add water just enough to make a paste and apply on the affected area.
2. Dandelion leaf and dandelion root improve the functioning of kidney and liver respectively, thereby curing arthritic symptoms occurring due to the abnormal functioning of kidney and liver.
3. Boswellia herb is beneficial in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis.
4. Mix 2-3 pieces of camphor in warm coconut oil or mustard oil. Massage the stiff and aching joints with this mixture to increase blood supply and reduce inflammation and stiffness.
5. Taking green gram soup two times on a daily basis is yet another effective home remedy for arthritic pains. To prepare this soup, mix one tablespoon of green gram in a cup of water and add two crushed garlic cloves in it.
6. The magnesium present in Epsom Salt soothes and relaxes stiff joints and muscles. Add three cups of Epsom Salt in hot bath water and soak in it.
7. Drink water kept overnight in a copper glass. Copper is known for its healing properties in terms of the muscular system.
8. Drinking 3-4 cups of alfafa tea daily for at least two weeks is a tried and tested cure for arthritis. Prepare alfafa tea by mixing one teaspoon of alfalfa seeds in one cup of water.

If  you want to read the original article these excerpts came from hit the link below.

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Some Symptoms, Causes and Rheumaiod Arthritis Home Remedies

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