Arthritis Apple Cider Vinegar

Arthritis Apple Cider Vinegar and You

{$Apple Cider Vinegar}Joint pain is not new to many especially to those individuals who are in their 40s onward. As research shows, there are about 50 million people in America does suffer from arthritis and other disease conditions related to joint pains. And as life gets harder, the usual medications for arthritis also become expensive and others even find out those medications alone only give minimal relief. But this should not discourage you since there are natural home remedies that can be taken together with the traditional medications for arthritis. Beside from modifying your usual lifestyle and following a restricted diet, it was found out that arthritis and apple cider vinegar goes along together well. This is mainly because apple cider vinegar has the ability to ease joint pains caused by arthritis.

One cannot go wrong with the use of arthritis apple cider vinegar treatments. Aside from the fact that apple cider vinegar is used as a joint pain reliever, it is also considered as one of the many natural remedies that works with various disease conditions. It contains essential nutrients that helps soothes anyone’s joint pains. Essential nutrients such as potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, chlorine, sodium, fluoride, iron, silicon and some trace minerals. Mineral deficiency is one of the reasons why joint pain worsens. And apple cider vinegar has all the needed vitamins and minerals to patch up that loss. The potassium content that is in an apple cider vinegar functions by controlling calcium absorption in the bones that causes joints to get stiff. Apple cider vinegar does not just helpful on that side. It also helps in improving one’s digestion and absorption just by taking a teaspoon part of it. This is what makes this vinegar even more useful since arthritis patients tend to have a poor absorption, thus exacerbating nutrient deficiency. And it is just important to resolve this nutrient deficiency to repair and preserve joints that are affected.

Apple cider vinegar is highly effective if it is organic and raw which means it is unprocessed. You have to check that it is reddish in color and with residue settling at the bottom of the bottle. This simply shows that a natural build-up of essential nutrients had happened. Do not go for apple cider vinegar in other forms, pills for example, since other forms are found to be less effective. The best way is to include the apple cider vinegar in your diet, simply just by mixing at least 3 teaspoons of the vinegar into a glass of water. And take this solution thrice in a day prior to each meal. If you want, you can add up some honey just to enhance its taste. Arthritis and apple cider vinegar can also be a good combination not just by taking the vinegar solution. Apple cider vinegar can also relieve joint pain by applying it over the affected area. Or use it as a hand or foot soak by adding it to water or as an ointment by adding mineral oil on it. In whatever method you might want to try, arthritis apple cider vinegar treatments would still work effectively.

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