Apple Cider Vinegar Natural Arthritis

Apple Cider Vinegar Natural Arthritis Treatments

It is said that using apple cider vinegar as a natural arthritis cure has been around for a long time. Anecdotal evidence even claims that Hippocrates himself, the father of medicine, used apple cider vinegar to treat a variety of ailments – one of them arthritis. Little surprise then that many people today use apple cider vinegar as a natural arthritis remedy.

Using apple cider vinegar natural arthritis remedy is considered a folk treatment, and is generally unsupported by modern medicine. That being said, the reason that people still use apple cider vinegar is that it works for them, and does provide a real remedy for the symptoms of pain and inflammation.

One of the most common ways that apple cider vinegar is used as a natural arthritis remedy is by using it as a tonic. While the taste is something that most people need to get used to, it is advised that those with arthritis take as much as a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar three times daily. Raw, organic apple cider vinegar is recommended for this approach, as processed or distilled vinegars are not as effective.

If you are unable to take the apple cider vinegar alone, it may be mixed in a glass of water. You may also add honey to this to improve the taste; it is also said that honey with apple cider vinegar is more effective than apple cider vinegar alone, so you may want to consider this method even if you can bear the taste of apple cider vinegar.

Aside from consuming organic apple cider vinegar, some companies also market apple cider vinegar in supplement capsules. This makes it even more convenient to take apple cider vinegar as a remedy for arthritis, though most still believe that pure, organic apple cider vinegar is best.

In addition to consuming apple cider vinegar as a natural arthritis tonic, apple cider vinegar may also be applied directly to the affected area like a liniment or massage lotion. To use it in this manner, heat a small amount of apple cider vinegar mixed with water. One part apple cider vinegar to six parts water should do. When the mixture is heated but not boiling, take it out of the flame, and use a washcloth to apply the mixture to the affected area.

While it is true that there are few studies that have been done to prove the claims of apple cider vinegar, it still remains trusted because of all the people who have received relief because of using apple cider vinegar natural arthritis treatments.

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