A Leading Journal Sheds Light on Arthritis Natural Remedies

by Support on February 14, 2011

Golfers that suffer from arthritis take note:

The modern game of Golf requires levels of skill that can take many hours of training to perfect. Whilst there is no better feeling than hitting the centre of the fair way, or sinking a birdie putt, all that practice can soon take its toll on your joints and muscles. However, following the publication of a new study, a slightly different type of ‘birdie’ might be the answer to treating all those aches and pains.

Anti-inflammatories are one of the commonly used medicines by sports persons in the world and are used to treat everything including aches, pains and sprains. However a number of commonly used anti-inflammatories have been associated with side effects, including ibuprofen which is often associated with stomach problems and recent reports suggest it could increase the occurrence of heart attacks.

So the search is on for a safe and natural alternative to help reduce inflammation. A recent study published in one of the world’s leading journals suggests the answer may lie in the traditional Aboriginal remedy emu oil. Whilst emu oil, an oil from the flightless bird that has been used in Aboriginal medicine for centuries, has been used and known about in the West for a number of years this is the first time a study showing the oil reducing inflammation has appeared in such a high profile journal – The British Journal of Nutrition 1.

There have been numerous studies published in the past showing emu oil could have strong anti-inflammatory abilities, but nothing in such a prestigious publication and most previous studies have focussed on the topical application of the oil. The new study looks at the internal use of the oil to reduce inflammation; the significance of this being that it enables the natural remedy to be administered in pill form making it an easy to use alternative to the likes of ibuprofen and other pill based anti-inflammatories. The study not only showed emu oil reducing inflammation but also measured neutrophil (a kind of white blood cell activated during inflammation) activity which was also seen to be significantly reduced.

Previous studies have largely focussed on arthritis models 2-5 and show that emu oil has the ability to dramatically reduce swelling and inflammation caused by the condition and in some cases to a greater extent than commonly prescribed drugs.

A human clinical study was also carried out at Victoria University 6 and looked at emu oil use in those suffering from osteoarthritis in their hands, both topical application and dietary use. Nearly 70% of users felt pain relief with emu oil, which was 2.34 times greater than with a placebo.
What the recent study does though, by being published in such a high profile title, is add huge credence to emu oil’s ability to reduce inflammation, by being effective when taken orally, and is a remedy for the mainstream market that could help with all your aches, pains and sprains.

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